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A step by step wedding planning support system to creating your dream wedding with ease, and personal support from wedding planner Paula Burns

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Connect With Your Vision


Get Rid Of Wedding Planning Overwhelm And Anxiety Once And For All!

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Join Now And Get Access to my step by step Overwhelmed to Overjoyed wedding planning road map. Understand how to connect with your vision and breakdown each element so that you have the skills to identify and eliminate issues long before they become a problem. Claim the confidence to create your dream wedding day with ease.

Does any of the following sound familiar to you:

  • You are super excited to marry your soul mate but anxiety is weighing you down
  • You never seem to have enough hours in the day to give your full attention to your wedding plans
  • All your spare time is being consumed with wedding stuff and you are getting lost in all the decisions that need to be made

One of my recent clients found herself in exactly the same place when she got in touch with me. I totally understood that her emotions was having a negative affect on an experience that should have been filling her with joy and excitement. I physically watched the anxiety drain away once she had access to my support. All this led to the creation of this Overwhelmed to Overjoyed Wedding Planning Road Map.

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How will it help us?

This is a unique online wedding planning support system, designed to give you the knowledge you need to take control and enjoy your entire wedding planning journey.

  • Understand how your vision is the key to getting clarity on every decision that you make
  • Simplify every process so you can save time and open up space for calm
  • Have access to the questions and answers that can have a huge impact on your day
  • Use of my exclusive templates to simplify all those tasks which are weighing you down
  • Access direct support from me when you need it
  • Get clear direction once and for all!
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This isn’t like any other wedding planning programme or download you have experienced before

I am sure that you are probably thinking that you have heard it all before and you are wondering how this could be any different than anything else you could find out there online.

Well let me share a few things with you:

Overwhelmed to Overjoyed is like no other programme out there. Not only have I designed it specifically for busy professional brides to be, based on my 18 years experience in the wedding industry, most other solutions out there will leave you:

  • Feeling under pressure – Time does go fast and especially when you are planning a wedding, but it really isn’t necessary for you to feel like making your decisions has to be a military operation, which is all about ticking tasks off a list
  • Believing you have to conform – There is so much advice trying to pigeon hole you into particular options. Yes there are some industry standards, but believe me, you have more choices than you think!
  • Doubting yourself – Wondering as to whether you are making the right decisions. Leaving you feeling sick with worry 90% of the time!
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Giving You Confidence

Overwhelmed to Overjoyed is all about giving you the confidence to take control of your wedding plans in a way that will allow you to feel like your hand is being held throughout the entire wedding planning process

  • Connect with what’s important to you – understand how your vision can be a reality
  • Feel assured and supported – no more second guessing and leaving things to chance
  • Easy access to answers – no longer do you need to trawl through the internet & wedding directories with no clear direction
  • Bring the joy back to your planning – you will actually start to enjoy the process again instead of a constant state of anxiety
  • Fall in love with budgets and contracts – once you get clear on the fundamentals, these will no longer feel daunting
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Pay in Full or 10 Monthly Installments of £85.00

I’ve broken the programme down into 3 specific sections:

  • Preparation – Getting you crystal clear on what you want and how to prepare so you have everything you need in order to execute your plans
  • Planning like a professional – Giving you step by step guidance on how to shortlist, communicate with and manage your suppliers
  • Maintain the joy and calm right up to your big day – Everything you need to take control of the weeks and days leading up to your special day and the day itself
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Module 1: First Steps

Fall in love with your vision.

This module is going to create your calm that will set you up for your entire journey of your wedding planning. When you get close and personal with your ultimate dream day, you will be amazed how your life will become so much easier!

  • Learn how to break down your emotions so you eliminate confusion
  • Get your hands on my Vision Blue Print, which will get you focused on what is important to you – It’s what I use to focus all my personal clients.
  • I’ll take you through my formula to identify your Vision Deal Breakers, so you can stop wasting time sifting through stuff that won’t bring joy to your day
  • Get comfortable right from the start with your options – my comprehensive ‘Wedding Options Blueprint’ will make this process so much easier
  • Get the inside scoop on the smallest details that you should definitely be aware of, as early as possible during your planning – Making decisions will be so much easier!

Module 2: Budget

Budget ground breakers

Everything you need to create a budget that works for you and only you.

  • Stop all that hazy thinking around how to set a budget. Get to understand that you don’t have to trawl through every supplier to get that all important figure
  • Get access to my super easy budget setting formula – No more guess work!
  • I’ll share with you my powerful tools that will help you set your own terms with suppliers and stay in the driving seat.
  • Learn the secrets to creating your wedding Budget Bible. This will become your secret weapon for protecting your budget

Module 3: Venue

Venue Know How

Learn the skills that will help you to assess your venue and feel like it’s your home for the day.

  • I’ll show you how to detect the small things that will become a major issue on your wedding day
  • Learn the key benefits of different types of venues and why you should always be aware of them before you sign on the dotted line
  • Let me show you how to get close and personal with your venue dreams, so that you can build confidence and eliminate uncertainty
  • Use my venue fact sheet for easy documentation and reviews

Module 4: Legal

Let’s get Legal!

Understanding the legalities of planning your wedding shouldn’t make you break into a sweat!

  • Learn how to breakdown the fine print of all of your contracts from each of your suppliers, so that you can get crystal clear on what the obligations are and who’s responsible for them
  • Understand the differences between the types of ceremonies and which will work best for you and how you want to feel on your day
  • Get up close and personal on how to manage your paperwork – Get your hands on my easy reference legal guide!

Module 5: Suppliers

Short listing and sourcing suppliers

Let me help you eliminate the huge pressure that you feel around finding the right suppliers for you and your day.

  • Learn how to plan wedding fayre visits, so that you can still enjoy them but not get carried away
  • Unlock the door to the basic questions that will have a big impact on your day
  • Learn how to identify the suppliers who can provide a dual service AND save you money!

Module 6: Management

Communicating like a pro

From absolute novice to Wedding Planner Extraordinaire!

  • Get the low down on keys ways to manage your communication so that you don’t feel like you are drowning in admin
  • Get super clear on the benefits of face to face meetings, email or telephone communication. Once you understand this, managing your time will get so much easier!
  • Use my super simple templates as a reminder of what, when and how to keep those communication lines flowing

Module 7: Itinerary

Getting ready for your big day

Create a wedding day you can glide through without the anxiety.

  • Use my simple blue print to create your wedding day itinerary
  • Avoid nasty surprises by understanding the finest detail, that can’t be ignored as you approach your wedding day
  • Learn how to allocate the right roles to the right people, so you can free yourself from responsibility


Here’s what some of my previous clients had to say

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And here’s how I know this programme will work for you……

Overwhelmed to Overjoyed is like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before.

It’s not a one solution fits all where you end up trying to deal blindly with information overwhelm.

This is access to direction, support and impartial advice that will help you fill your entire wedding planning experience with joy and calm.

If all this programme did for you was:

  • Finally give you easy access to answers that are keeping you a state of limbo, would this be worth it?
  • Gave you your time back to really enjoy the build up to one of the most special days of your life, would this be worth it?
  • Gave you the opportunity to access award winning wedding planning support tailored for you, would this be worth it

Yes……of course it would!

And because I am so confident that this brand new programme will be a game changer for you, I am going to guarantee your success.

Put simply – I won’t let you fail.

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